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What A Tease Backcomb In A Bottle


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Use whenever a teased look is desired. This instant teasing spray gives ultra-hip height to hair with little time or effort and with no backcombing damage. The special combination of resins gives hair instant height that’s easy to shape, style and is good on any hair type.
Ounces: 4.2 oz
Ingredients: Copolymer Stablilizer

How To Use

DO NOT SHAKE. Lift and spray What a Tease section by section into dry hair, focusing at the root. Lightly work throughout the rest of the hair. When product is dry separate hair into pieces for volume, hold and a teased look.
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WOW. There's nothing else
WOW. There's nothing else quite like this product. If you spray it on dry hair it gives you the volume and texture without backcombing. If you want OVER the top volume, you can backcomb with it as well. I can get my almost shoulder length hair into a huge faux-hawk shape with this!
Melanie | 08.25.2013
Love to use behind chair as
Love to use behind chair as finishing spray great for up styling
Connie Meadors | 08.25.2013
Works amazingly! You don't
Works amazingly! You don't have to back comb your hair but you get the same effect!!
Alyssa | 08.25.2013
Great Product!! Really allows
Great Product!! Really allows you to manipulate your hair in good ways. My only concern like the "teased" look my hair may take on the "dry" look.
Denise Pingleton | 08.25.2013
I love this product. I have
I love this product. I have fine, think hair and this does the trick. Great porduct. Would recommend to every one
skblue | 08.25.2013

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Q: Do I need to tease my hair with a comb when using What A Tease Backcomb In A Bottle?
A: This product is specially formulated to take the “teasing” out of a teased look. Simply part your hair at the crown, spray the product and separate the hair once dried. No teasing required!