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Big Sexy Hair

Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray


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Gives your hair moveable and unbelievable volume, lift and hold. This firm, fast-drying volumizing hairspray leaves hair manageable and super shiny while defending it against damaging UV rays. Its extra strength won’t diminish under humidity and it is great for any hair type.
Ounces: 10 oz
Ingredients: Extra Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Moisturizing benefits, delivers extra volume and body

How To Use

Hold can 8” to 10” away from dry hair. Spray into styled hair for lift and hold.
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My hair looks great the next
My hair looks great the next morning . Never had a hairspray do that before.
Cate | 11.14.2014
I love this product. I have
I love this product. I have thick hair but it is very fine and doesn't hold a style unless I have a great product like "bigsexyhair" spray and play to give it staying power. I was very disappointed with the last couple of cans that I bought. They both simply quit spraying. The can was full but nothing would come out. Very inconvenient! What's up with that? Can I get my money back or have the product replaced?
Susan Wilcox | 11.14.2014
I loooove Spray & Play hair
I loooove Spray & Play hair spray. No other hair spray holds as good or looks as natural as this hair spray looks/ feels. I get compliments on my hair alot so I give all the props to Big Sexy Hair products!!
Susan Young | 11.14.2014
I got a free sample of this
I got a free sample of this hair spray from my stylist a couple weeks ago. Let me just say, I will never go back to other sprays. This is fantastic. It isn't sticky and it holds without being super stiff like the other brand I used to use. When my sample can is empty, I will be investing in a larger can. I am also going to invest in other Sexy Hair products.
Amy S. | 11.14.2014
This spray really holds and
This spray really holds and yet brushes out easy and doesn't get sticky. Have tried others and always come back to spray and play.
Lori Brandt | 11.14.2014

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Q: Does Spray & Play leave hair feeling stiff?
A: Spray and play will leave your hair with volume that is moveable.