Love Oil! New Silicone Free Formula


So, what’s changed? Love Oil has had a glow up in packaging design and we’ve also improved the formula! Our NEW! Love Oil is silicone free, making it perfect for all hair types – yes, even fine hair! But wait, it gets even better, just half of the new formula provides the same shine, smoothness, frizz control & manageability as the original. Now a little Love Oil goes a long way!

More Concentrated Formula = Less Product Per Use


In place of silicones, we’ve introduced three new ingredients that provide the same performance results as the original formula.

  • DIISPORPYL ADIPATE is a lightweight lubricant that provides lighter feeling on hair, along with moisturization to increase smoothness & softness.
  • ETHOL CELLULOSE is a lightweight formula binder that increase formula viscosity.
  • C12-15 ALKYL BENZOATE is a lightweight organic oil that improves slip, aids in dispersion & reduces greasy feeling.
Silicone Replacements


We've seen a lot of misinformation in the market on how all silicones are bad. The truth is - not all silicones are bad. When it comes to haircare, you really want to avoid the silicones that are non-water soluble - meaning they remain on the hair's cuticle even after you've shampooed and conditioned. These can be damaging because, with prolonged use, these non-water soluble silicones can block the efficacy of moisturizing products, which eventually can lead to dry, brittle, compromised hair.

We want you to be informed about your haircare choices, so we want to share some of the common non-water soluble silicones that can be found in some haircare products.

SexyHair is proud to state that we do not formulate any of our products with these non-water soluble silicones.


To use Love Oil as a treatment, subdivde hair into smaller sections & apply the moisturizing oil from midlengths to ends to add moisture & define curl pattern.

To use Love Oil during styling, apply to wet hair midlengths to ends to smooth & protect strands. Blow dry & apply again from mids to ends & flat iron to finish style.

On dry hair after styling with hot iron, apply Love Oil from midlengths to ends for added moisture & shine.

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