Decked-Out Curls For Short Hair

You know what time it is—time to deck those halls and deck-out short hair for the holiday season! To get into the festive spirit, we’ve asked stylist Chloe Brown to use her favorite SexyHair products & show us how to work short hair to get voluminous curls so big, they might not fit under any tree. Whether you’re a stylist wanting to add a little spice & something nice to a client’s freshly done cut or color, or a short-haired maven needing some glam inspo for any holiday event, this how-to is for you!


What you’ll need:

  • Big SexyHair Spray & Play
  • Big SexyHair Fun Raiser
  • Big SexyHair Powder Play
  • Flat Iron
  • ¾” Curling Iron

STEP 1: Prep and Straighten

Start your holiday glow up by prepping hair with Big SexyHair Fun Raiser through the roots and mid-lengths of hair to provide grit and hold before curling. Then, section your hair into two parts, one above your ear line and one below. Flat iron your strands to prevent the ends from flipping or poking out. Next, add a little bit of Spray & Play at the roots of your hair and gently tease to get lift at the roots of the bottom section.

STEP 2: Tease and Curl

Let down the next one-inch section and repeat with Spray & Play and teasing. Use a 3/4“ curling iron to curl all the hair in front of your ears away from your face, then alternate to create tons of delicious texture. Repeat on both sides. Lightly spray curls with Spray & Play and let them set to perfection.

STEP 3: Alternate Curls

Let down another one-inch section on both sides of your head. Again, lightly teasing and spraying. Taking small sections, curl all the hair in front of your ears away from your face, then, begin alternating to build more sexy volume. Repeat on both sides of your head. Finish this section with a light spritz of Spray & Play. We’re almost there!

STEP 4: Volumize the Top

For the last section, flat iron the front inch of hair and flat iron them forward over your face to add a swoop in the front. Create a deep side part on either side of your hair and curl the hair on the side with the part away from your face. Section off the center 1 inch of your hair and clip it away. Spray and tease at the roots, then curl away from your face for the first few sections, then start alternating—yes, even more volume!

STEP 5: Finalize the Curls

Unclip the top section and lightly tease the underside of the hair so the top is smooth. Curl the front of this section away from your face, then alternate as you move toward the back of your head. Using your flat iron, straighten just the ends of your hair for a more lived-in texture that doesn’t stick out. Spray your style with Spray & Play, then let the curls cool without touching them for a long-lasting hold.

STEP 6: Add Max Volume

Once your hair is cool, lift the top layers of your hair and sprinkle Powder Play into your roots and ends to add tons of volume and definition in your curls. Continue to rake your fingers through your hair and finish with a final misting of Spray & Play. And there you have it, some decked-out holiday style!

Decked-Out Curls For Short Hair
Decked-Out Curls For Short Hair
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