CBD: Your Hair & Scalp's New Bestie

CBD is used everywhere from cold-pressed juices to skincare and now haircare, but what is it, and why is it so beneficial for your scalp and hair? Keep reading for everything you need to know about this powerful ingredient and how it’ll give your scalp the ultimate chill pill for hair that’s stronger, more lustrous, and visibly healthier-looking.

First Things First

What is CBD? Cannabidiol (better known as CBD) is one of over 100 chemical compounds called “cannabinoids” found in the flower of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa).

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Hemp vs. Marijuana

What's the difference? Both hemp and marijuana belong to the “cannabis” genus of plants, but produce different cannabinoids, like CBD. While both are in high demand, only one actually gets you high. Let’s compare:

Hemp vs. Marijuana Comparison

Marijuana: It contains a low concentration calming CBD, but it also produces the “fun uncle” of cannabinoids, THC—the stuff that gets you high.

Hemp: This part of the cannabis plant is federally approved under the Farm Bill for its common food and personal care uses. It contains a low concentration of THC (<0.3%) and has no psychoactive effects. It’s not your fun uncle—more like a nurturing aunt.

Oils from the Hemp Plant

Hemp Seed Oil vs. Hemp Plant Oil: Now, let’s take it even deeper. You can extract oils from different parts of the hemp plant to suit a variety of purposes.

Hemp Flower vs Hemp Seed Comparison

Oil extracted from the hemp seeds is nutrient-rich but contains little to no CBD and won’t work the same magic on your hair and scalp as oil extracted from the flower. Oil extracted from the flower contains high (no pun intended) concentrations of scalp-loving 99% Pure CBD.

Types of CBD

What are the different types of CBD? CBD can come in three forms containing different types of cannabinoids. Full Spectrum CBD can contain THC (fun uncle), but Broad Spectrum and Isolate contain a low to no amount of THC (<0.3%) while also delivering powerful benefits to your hair & scalp.

  • Contains amino acids to strengthen and protect strands
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties that promote scalp health
  • Helps to prevent moisture loss and keeps hair hydrated
Why Calm SexyHair

Calm SexyHair is infused with CBD isolate. After our hemp is harvested, it goes through a clean extraction process that “isolates” 99% pure CBD into a crystalline powder. From Targeted scalp care to strengthening strands, get healthier hair starting at the scalp with our full range of care, styling & finishing products powered by CBD.

Before & After Hair Result
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