Look by Tiffany Massey

Learn the steps to create the look below!

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Step 1: Separate 3” subsection around the face.

Step 2: Taking ½” sections, using a crimping iron and artistrypro Avant-Guard Heat Protection & Finishing Spray crimp every other section at root area only.

Step 3: Starting at the ear on the right or left side, begin a Dutch fishtail braid and end at the center part using Healthy SexyHair Styling Paste. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 4: Expand braids on top profile only using artistrypro Tactile Dry Texture Spray. Tuck tails of braids under expanded sections and secure with pins.

Step 5: On remaining hair, using a small spiral wand and artistrypro Avant-Guard Heat Protection & Finishing Spray, alternate directions of on-base curls with sections no larger than the size of the wand. Using artistrypro Remodel Dry Shampoo for texture, pull each curl in half all the way to root for expanded curls and maximum volume.


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