Look by Paola Rascon

Learn the steps to create the look below!

Featured Product: artistrypro Tactile Dry Texture Spray

Step 1: Section a deep right side part. Off of the part, take a large rectangular section from the crown to the front hairline and clip out of the way. Using artistrypro Avant-Guard Heat Protection & Finishing Spray, weave crimp all of the hair.

Step 2: Drop down isolated section. Starting at the crown off of the part, begin Dutch lace braiding towards the front hairline diagonally. At the hairline, continue braiding this time towards the back. Once at the back, repeat movements one more time moving towards the front and secure braid with an elastic.

Step 3: Starting in the nape, using artistrypro Avant-Guard Heat Protection & Finishing Spray and a cone shaped curling iron, spiral wrap 1” sections working up the head shape until all hair has been curled. For additional lift and support, use artistrypro Tactile Dry Texture Spray at the root area and backcomb before curling the hair.

Step 4: Lift and pin the braid into the place. Expand, detail and finish using artistrypro Tactile Dry Texture Spray.


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