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Style Sexy Hair Pliable Shaping Crème conditions hair for soft-looking hair with medium hold styles, and flexibility to reshape hair with no waxy buildup.

Style Sexy Hair

Shaping Crème

Pliable Shaping Crème


This crème conditions hair while helping to create soft-looking and durable medium holding styles. Leaves hair with a beautiful and rich finish and provides flexibility to reshape hair as often as needed. Protects hair from humidity while providing durable all-day hold. This product offers a flexible, medium hold in a conditioning crème formula with a soft finish. Shaping Crème is flake free and dries without a crunchy finish, washes out easily with no waxy buildup.

How To Use
Key Ingredients

Use a small amount on damp hair to create a soft finished shape or apply to dry hair for a firmer hold. Watch Video

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