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Where can I purchase your products?
How long will it take my order to process?
What happens to my credit card information after I make a purchase?
What are the shipping locations?
What are the shipping methods and carrier times?
How do I redeem a promo code?
Can I use coupons from outside retailers on the Sexy Hair site?
How do I register my Sexy Hair Tool for the warranty?
I have a defective product that was purchased at a salon or retailer. What should I do?

My order says delivered but hasn’t arrived.
Returning purchases to a salon or retail store
Canceling an Order
Sexy Hair Return Policy
Refund Policy
Do salons get credit for my purchase?
How will Sexy Hair use my email address and contact info?
Customer Care Contact information
How do I know if a product is discontinued?
How can I get SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for Sexy Hair products?
Are Sexy Hair Shampoos and Conditioners Sulfate-Free?
Are Sexy Hair Shampoos and Conditioners Gluten-Free?
If the formulas are Gluten-Free, why do they contain wheat protein?
Are Sexy Hair Shampoos and Conditioners Paraben-Free?
Are Sexy Hair's formulas Salt-Free?
Which, if any, of Sexy Hair's products are vegan (contain no animal derived ingredients or by-products)?
Does Sexy Hair conduct animal testing?
How do I make a donation/in-kind requests?