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Where can I purchase your products?

We are pleased to offer our products on the website as well as salons and retailers around the world. You can find these on the Locations section of our site. Simply type in your zip code and submit. You can also send us an email to with your full address and we will respond with your closest location.

How long will it take my order to process?

Orders made before 11 AM PT will typically be processed the same business day. Business days are M-F, excluding holidays. We are currently unable to accept orders that are billed or shipped to locations outside of the U.S.

What happens to my credit card information after I make a purchase?

Sexy Hair will not store any credit card information. In addition, the site is protected and follows industry best practices to maintain security.

What are the shipping locations?

The standard shipping method is available for shipments to the Continental U.S. Ground and 2nd Day Air shipping methods are available for shipments to the Continental U.S. only. Sexy Hair does not ship internationally. Street addresses are required to ensure we deliver your order as expected. We currently do not ship to P.O. Box, APO or FPO addresses.

What are the shipping methods and carrier times?

Standard: 5-9 days
Ground: 3-5 days
2nd Day Air: 2 days

During peak holiday times, shipping times may increase. To ensure delivery by Christmas, orders should be placed by 2pm PST on December 15th.

These times reflect the carrier’s delivery time once an order leaves the Sexy Hair warehouse. Our shipping provider is UPS. For the standard shipping method UPS partners with USPS for the residential leg of their delivery. Your UPS tracking code will be able to track the package even when it transfers from the first part of the delivery with UPS to the final leg of the residential delivery with USPS.

How do I redeem a promo code?

You will be prompted to enter your promo code during checkout. If you have trouble using the code, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Can I use coupons from outside retailers on the Sexy Hair site?

Our distributors and retailers (such as Regis, Ulta, JCPenney, etc.) do occasionally provide customers with promotions and coupons; however these cannot be redeemed on

How do I register my Sexy Hair Tool for the warranty?

Your new Sexy Hair Tool is already covered with a 2 year warranty from the time of purchase. You do not have to register it online, as that part of the warranty process changed. In case you happen to need a replacement tool due to a malfunction, you can contact us for instructions on shipping it back to us for a replacement. You would need to include a  copy of the receipt, along with the tool. Thanks for being a Sexy Hair Fan and we hope you enjoy your new Sexy Hair Tool!

I have a defective product that was purchased at a salon or retailer. What should I do?

Please return the product to the location where you purchased it. If the product was purchased on please see our refund policy. For more information please contact our Customer Service Team.

My order says delivered but hasn’t arrived.

Please contact our Customer Service Team.

Returning purchases to a salon or retail store

Salons & retail stores will not accept any returns or exchanges of Sexy Hair products that were purchased from All purchases made online should be returned by contacting our Customer Service Team.

Canceling an Order

If your item has not yet been processed, our Customer Service Teamcan help cancel your order. Once the purchase has shipped, your card will reflect the charge.

Sexy Hair Return Policy

We accept returns or exchanges for purchases and will issue a refund or exchange for items purchased within 30 days. Shipping charges are refunded only if the product is defective or improperly shipped. All returns must be pre-approved by Customer Service Team. If you purchased a product from a salon or retailer, please contact them directly.

Refund Policy

To ensure satisfaction of your product from, we will issue a refund on your purchase providing the return is within 30 days of the original purchase. Please contact our Customer Service Team.

Do salons get credit for my purchase?

Sexy Hair supports the professional hair care industry by giving a percentage of online sales to salons. At checkout customers will have the opportunity to name a local salon that referred them to

How will Sexy Hair use my email address and contact info?

Sexy Hair will only send occasional emails to update you on new products, hair tips and news related to the brand if you have agreed to be added to our email database list. Click here to edit your preferences or be removed from our email database.

Customer Care Contact information 1-800-848-3383 M-Th 9-5 PT, F 8:30-12 PT

How do I make a donation/in-kind requests?

Sexy Hair receives thousands of donation requests every year. We try to fulfill as many of these requests as possible in a timely fashion, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee that every donation request will be met. Due to the volume of requests received, it is important that all requests follow the guidelines set forth below. Please email Glenda Vaquerano.

  • All requests must come from a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization and include a tax identification number.
  • An overview of the organization including a list of the organizations board of directors and officers must be included
  • Purpose and description of the project for which the donation will be used.
  • Requests must be submitted at least six (6) weeks in advance of the event.
  • Donated product may not to be resold for profit.
How can I get SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for Sexy Hair products?

You can find our SDS on our website. You will be prompted to create an account to access this information.

Are Sexy Hair Shampoos and Conditioners Sulfate-Free?

Sexy Hair Shampoos and Conditioners are free of SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and do not contain any other sulfates in the formulas. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) are two sulfates commonly known to be harsh and potentially damaging to the vibrancy and longevity of hair color; therefore, taking them out of our products makes our shampoos and conditioners color safe. During the manufacturing process, inorganic sulfates, such as Sodium Sulfate, may be formed as a residual impurity or by-product from the combination of other raw materials and may be present in the final product at very low levels. 

Sulfate-Free on the label means the product is produced without intentionally added sulfates. To be precise, Sexy Hair changed its labeling from Sulfate Free to free of SLS and SLES even though many completive brands choose not to do so. Sexy Hair is taking proactive steps to ensure consumers understand its shampoos and conditioners are formulated without SLS and SLES. Packaging will be updated to reflect this information.

What are SLS and SLES?

Both are surfactants that may be found in personal care products for their foaming, cleaning and emulsifying properties. In some cases, they can cause eye or skin irritation.

What are Sulfonates?

Sulfonates are surfactants commonly used in shampoos. 

What is the difference between Sulfates and Sulfonates?

Sulfonates differ from Sulfates by their chemical bonds and the chemical reaction that occurs when added to shampoos. In some cases, the use of some Sulfates in shampoo formulations can result in the release of alcohols or inorganic sulfates that are potential irritants to color treated hair. The use of Sulfonate-based formulations do not result in the same chemical reactions; thus avoiding the potential for irritation.

Are Sexy Hair Shampoos and Conditioners Gluten-Free?

Yes, all Sexy Hair products are Gluten-Free.

If the formulas are Gluten-Free, why do they contain wheat protein?

Sexy Hair’s products may contain Ethyltrimonim Chloride Methacrylate/Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Copolymer. During the manufacturing process, the wheat starch is converted to wheat protein, which results in the removal of the gluten. All formulas have been tested to show less than detectable levels of gluten.

Are Sexy Hair Shampoos and Conditioners Paraben-Free?

Yes, all Sexy Hair products are Paraben-Free.

Why doesn’t Sexy Hair print the “no animal testing” disclaimer on products?

Animal testing is forbidden in the European Union and claiming to do “no animal testing” only reiterates it is abiding by the law and appears redundant. Because our products are sold internationally, we distribute our packaging without the claim. Rest assured though, Sexy Hair does not test on animals.

Are Sexy Hair's formulas Salt-Free?

Salt-Free means the product is produced without intentionally added salts. During the manufacturing process, salts, such as Sodium Chloride, may be formed as a residual impurity or by-product from the combination of other raw materials and may be present in the final product at very low levels. Sexy Hair is taking proactive steps to ensure consumers understand its shampoos and conditioners are formulated without added salt. Packaging will be updated to reflect this information. 

Which, if any, of Sexy Hair's products are vegan (contain no animal derived ingredients or by-products)?

Sexy Hair products are not vegan.

Does your company test finished products and/or ingredients on animals at any point in the production process?

Sexy Hair does not test finished good products on animals.

Do you test ingredients or products on animals through a 3rd party?

Sexy Hair does not test or contract 3rd parties to conduct animal testing.

Do your suppliers or manufacturers test any ingredients on animals? If not, how do you ensure that your suppliers and manufacturers do not test?

Sexy Hair and its manufacturers do not conduct animal testing. We comply to the US and International laws for manufacturing.

Are you owned or affiliated with any companies that test products or ingredients on animals?

Sexy Hair is owned by Henkel. Henkel does not conduct animal testing.

Do you sell your products in China or any other country that requires animal testing on products or ingredients?

Sexy Hair does not produce any of its products in China nor does it have the intention to do so.