Cutting System

Think outside the standard snip.

Structure in Motion™

Structure in Motion™ is a cutting system that is based on the concept of T'ai Chi. It is an ergonomic, body conscious system that allows creative freedom and energy flow in both mind and body.

The advantages behind Sexy Hair's Structure in Motion™ Cutting system are:

  • Longevity behind the chair
  • Maximum results with minimal effort
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Ability to create head shaped layers easily
  • Unique results
  • More clients in a day and more energy by the end of the day

Don't miss the opportunity to dramatically improve your life. Structure in Motion™ is a 2-day course that is available only at the Institute of Courage, where you'll push yourself past your creative limits and learn how to harness energy efficiently and effectively.

For availability please contact: Nicole Nixon, or read more about the Institute of Courage.