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How to Style Video: Vintage Inspired Bouffant Ponytail

May 27, 2015
Sexy Hair Master Artist, Nadirah Volpe from Dej Salon in Sherman Oaks, CA shows us how to recreate this vintage inspired bouffant ponytail! Watch Video. Step 1: Brush the hair into a ponytail at the middle back of the head and secure it with an elastic band.

Spring Cleaning with Sulfate-Free Shampoo & Conditioner

May 6, 2015
Let’s talk about an area of your house that normally gets snubbed come spring cleaning time – the bathroom cabinets. If you’re like most people, over the years you have accumulated several bottles of shampoos and conditioners left largely untapped. Maybe it was an impulse buy, something left by a house guest, or pocketed from your last hotel stay, but whatever the reason, it’s due for a d

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Staff Picks: Mother’s Day Edition

April 28, 2015
Stephanie Polansky, Sexy Hair Director of Education and new mom tells us how her hair routine has changed since 3 month old baby Sophie came into her life. With two decades of experience in the professional beauty industry, Stephanie oversees the development of Sexy Hair’s team of professional artist and educators, and the curriculum at the award-winning Sexy Hair Academy.

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How to Style: Festival Hair Looks

April 8, 2015
Get Bohemian Beautiful with these easy, do-it-yourself looks created by Sexy Hair Educator and Social Media Coordinator Ruby Torrealba and Sexy Hair Educator Chasity Bogard from Alluring Salon in Hutsonville, Illinois.

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How to Style: Prom Posh Looks

March 31, 2015
No matter your signature style, we have the perfect prom look for you! Sexy Hair Staffer Ruby Torrealba put together five easy do- it-yourself looks to help you create the most stunning hair for your prom night. Short on time and money? Follow the simple instructions from one of these posh looks and have the most #Fabulous prom ever!

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Get The Look: Sarah Hyland, Kids Choice Awards

March 30, 2015
Sarah Hyland showcased her new short hair by Celebrity Hairstylist, Ryan Richman, using Sexy Hair products at the Kids Choice Awards in LA.
Sarah Hyland showcased her new short hair by Celebrity Hairstylist, Ryan Richman, using Sexy Hair products at the Kids Choice Awards in LA. Celebrity Hairstylist, Ryan Richman gives us the beauty breakdown, below. Sarah's Michael Kors look was all white and very clean so we decided to do her hair natural and tousled to show off her new short, layered haircut.

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Staff Picks: Ruby Torrealba, Social Media Coordinator & Vintage Maven

March 23, 2015
Sexy Hair Educator and Social Media Coordinator Ruby Torrealba knows exactly what it takes to make and keep hair looking chic. Specializing in vintage styling, Ruby is a hairstylist and makeup artist whose skills have given her notoriety and a large Instagram fan base.

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New Product: Get Blooming Scent

February 17, 2015
Here’s how to use Sexy Hair’s new 3 day volume 24-hour fragrance revival spray for blooming freshness!

Staff Picks: Jennifer Weiderman, Jet Setter & VP of Marketing & Education

February 17, 2015
Whether she’s jet setting to NY for a meeting with a style editor or training for a triathlon in LA, Jennifer Weiderman, VP of Marketing and Education at Sexy Hair, packs her glam “go to” products to stay primped and polished. We asked what Sexy Hair products Jennifer keeps in her bag to ensure that she is ready for anything and she responded with this list of favorites:

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Spring Hair Trends

February 17, 2015
This season’s trends are all about keeping it real. From the looks that hit the runway in New York and Paris, we put together a list of hair trends that we recommend for spring. Gone are the days of perfection in hair and makeup; this year’s looks are all about looking and feeling alive.

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