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Halloween Hairstyle for Steampunk

Victorian with a twist! Become a time traveler for Halloween and discover the fantasy world of Steampunk with this jaw-dropping victorian-esque upstyleThis chic updo is full of texture and pairs perfectly with a sexy corsetaviator goggles, and a deep lip color.  Learn how to recreate this hairstyle using Root Pump, Support Me, and Get Layered.

How-To: Steampunk Hairstyle

STEP 1: Spray Big Sexy Hair Root Pump on damp hair and blow dry. Working in 1" sections, apply Hot Sexy Hair Support Me and use the Curl Lock Pro Curling Iron to create ringlet curls. Continue until all hair is curled.  You can alternate the direction of the curl and also from 1" by 1" or 1" by 1/2" sections.

STEP 2: Once hair is curled, create a horizontal section in the back at the Occipital bone to just behind the ears. Split the section at the nape into two subsections and mimic tying a knot without leaving the knot too tight. Bring ends toward the center and secure with bobby pins. Repeat with the section right above.

STEP 3: Create a horizontal section on the side starting at the temple area. Twist the section toward the back of the head and pin. Spray Big Sexy Hair Get Layered to add thickness. Repeat on the other side.

STEP 4:  Repeat the knot tying technique from step 2 through the top.  When you reach the front, be sure to leave a couple strands out. You should end up with three knots.

STEP 5: Spray hair all over with Big Sexy Hair Get Layered for humidity and frizz protection. 

Now, throw on your hot corset outfit and goggles and your ready to go!

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