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Day to Night Hairstyle | Topsy Tail to Twisted Upstyle

Pressed for time? We've got your hairstyle covered! With work, gift shopping, and events filling up our schedule, it can be a struggle to plan and style our hair during the holidays. So, let us help ease those hairstyle worries with a perfect holiday hairdo that you can easily transition from casual to party-ready. 

Learn how to create this Topsy Tail daytime style and how to transform it into a stunning Twisted Upstyle for the evening with the help of Big Sexy Hair Get Layered and Spray & Play Hairspray.

Casual Day Look: Topsy Tail 

STEP 1: Cleanse hair with Strong Sexy Hair Strengthening Shampoo & follow with Strengthening Conditioner. Apply Hot Sexy Hair Prep Me and blow dry hair. Once hair is dry, spray Hot Sexy Hair Protect Me and curl hair with any desired technique.

Topsy Tail - Step 1

Topsy Tail - Step 1

STEP 2: Separate and expand the curls while spraying Big Sexy Hair Powder Play LITE where volume is needed. Backcomb at the root to hide any part lines.

Topsy Tail - Step 2

STEP 3: Separate the top crown and create a Topsy Tail, leaving out your side profiles and securing it with a small elastic band. Expand the Topsy tail and continue spraying Big Sexy Hair Powder Play LITE for more texture & fullness.

Topsy Tail - Step 3

Topsy Tail - Step 3

STEP 4: Starting on the left side, spray Big Sexy Hair Get Layered and create a two-strand twist across the occipital and pin it under the Topsy tail. Repeat this step on the right side. Expand the twists as desired and finish off by spraying Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play for hold. 

Topsy Tail - Step 4

Topsy Tail - Step 4


Now, transform your Topsy Tail into a beautiful Twisted Upstyle in 3 simple steps.

Party Ready Look: Twisted Upstyle

STEP 1: Gather the half-down section of your hair and do a barrel roll upwards, pinning it under the two-stranded twists. For a thicker appearance, you can break it down into two different barrels.  Spray Vibrant Sexy Hair Color Lock Hairspray for added hold. 

Twisted Upstyle - Step 1

STEP 2: Pin the sides of the barrel to hide any openings.

Twisted Upstyle - Step 2

STEP 3: Finish hairstyle by spraying Vibrant Sexy Hair Rose Elixir all over to add shine.

Twisted Upstyle - Step 3

Final Look

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