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Finding the Best Haircut for your Lifestyle & Styling Capabilities

July 29, 2014

We’re wrapping up our finding your best haircut blog series with part 3 of 3 which focuses on lifestyle and styling capabilities. Previously we talked about face shape and hair type; now let’s discuss how your lifestyle and level of styling skill should affect your new haircut decision.

Lifestyle is your daily routine as far as work and social activities. A new haircut can take time to look great, which is why it’s important to choose something that fits your life and schedule.

If you lead a very active lifestyle that requires you to always be on the go from one activity to another, it’s best to choose a cut that is easy to manage when you are in a time crunch. Longer lengths with a face framing fringe is a very stylish cut that will require minimal effort when it’s time to style. A great bonus of having longer hair is that you can easily throw it up in a ponytail or bun if your daily routine doesn’t provide you with enough time to style. If you have naturally wavy hair you can go for a shorter cut, this will automatically spice up your active lifestyle because the natural wave of the hair will give the appearance of a styled cut without actually having to style the hair.
On the other end of the spectrum if you have time or are willing to sacrifice time in your hectic schedule to style your hair, I definitely encourage you to experiment and go with a cut that may require some styling to make it look just right. Haircuts that require a lot of work are usually heavily layered or super short when there is a texture that requires lots of manipulation.

Styling Capabilities are the next important factor that not many people think of when they are choosing a new haircut. Thanks to your stylist you may leave the salon feeling like a million dollars with your new cut and style but when you’re at home the next day, can you recreate the look yourself?

Many people aren’t comfortable using flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons or know the different techniques used to manipulate the hair to create a particular style. Choosing a haircut that you are able to style within your capabilities will help save you money and time in your daily life. A chin length tapered bob haircut is great for someone who has straight hair but doesn’t want to use a lot of tools. This look is neat and professional but can also be slightly edgy. If you have longer hair, again a simple graduated layer with a face framing blunt fringe always looks great without much effort. For curly or wavy hair, growing it out long can be an easy way to stay low maintenance. You won’t have to use a blow dryer to style the hair, just simply add a bit of texture spray to the ends for a naturally undone look.
This concludes our three part series on finding the best haircut that works for you! Like always, I encourage you to get out there and try something new and different. Styles are always changing so make a mistake and learn from it, that’s the only way you can really “grow” and find out what looks best on you. 

Rafe Hardy
Artistic Creative Director Sexy Hair

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