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Just Tease It! Not Your Mother’s Teasing Tips

July 30, 2014
Often associated with the 80’s, teasing combs have been giving women bigger and better hair since the New Kids were on the block! These days, women are still teasing their hair but using different techniques to create trendy texturized looks.

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Finding the Best Haircut for your Lifestyle & Styling Capabilities

July 29, 2014
We’re wrapping up our finding your best haircut blog series with part 3 of 3 which focuses on lifestyle and styling capabilities.

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3 Ways to Mermaid Waves

July 21, 2014
Want to achieve Mermaid-esque locks but have no idea where to start? We put together three helpful techniques to create the perfect Mermaid hair waves whether you're using a curling iron, blow dryer or no heat styling methods!

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