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Hairspray Tips that Prevent Fashion Disasters! Pt. 2

May 19, 2014

Not only can hairspray fix your everyday household hang ups (as seen in our previous blog), but did you know there are some other really cool uses for hairspray that can help repair fashion mishaps? See below, some tips we've sewn up that can prevent wardrobe malfunctions when you're on the go, proving that carrying a hairspray can save more than just hair!

1. Reduce runs in pantyhose (from Reader’s Digest)
Often those bothersome runs in your pantyhose or stockings start at the toes. Head off a running disaster by spraying hair spray on the toes of a new pair of pantyhose. The spray strengthens the threads and makes them last longer.

2. Remove lipstick from fabric (from Reader’s Digest)
Has someone been kissing your shirts? Apply hairspray to the lipstick stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe off the hairspray and the stain should come off with it. Then wash your shirts as usual.

3. Preserve your shoes’ shine (from Reader’s Digest)
After you’ve lovingly polished your shoes to give them the just-from-the-store look, lightly spray them with hairspray. The shoe polish won’t rub off so easily with this coat of protection.

4. Remove ink marks on garments (from Reader’s Digest)
Your toddler just went wild with a ballpoint pen on your white upholstery and your new shirt. Squirt the stain with hairspray and the pen marks should come right off.

5. Zipper Stiffener
Zippers have a tendency to unzip, especially if they are attached to a tight pair of jeans. Avoid an embarrassing mishap in the club or at any public place by applying hairspray on your loose zipper. The spray’s active ingredient will harden the zipper teeth’s grip, which lowers the chance of an accidental exposure.

6. Fur Remover
Fur is hard to pick up when scattered on the floor. To make things easier, spray a generous amount of hairspray on some tissue then scrub it on the scattered fur. The stickiness of the spray will surely capture all those pesky little buggers.

7. Lint Remover
Lint and dandruff make fabrics look old and unstylish. Restore your wardrobe into its fasionable state with a little help from the popular hairstyle solution. Spray a generous amount of hairspray onto a rag then rub it on your clothes. After a while, your clothes will be spotless.

8. Slip and Slide
Spray hairspray onto the insole of your shoes to keep them from slipping around when you walk. This is especially useful if you wear stockings or pantyhose over your feet.

9. Eliminate static cling
The product Static Guard neutralizes static electricity with a mixture of water and alcohol—ingredients that are also in hairspray. Spray some on the underside of your charged garments to disrupt the power surge.

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