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Make your friends #GreenWithEnvy with…

March 10, 2014

1. Beautiful Shiny Hair. Nothing turns heads like a set of stellar glossy locks. To achieve a sleek look, lightly mist shine spray into hands, gently smooth them over hair focusing on mid-length through ends to amp up the shine.

2. A Perfect Blow Out. Blow competition out of the water with a bouncy blowout. Achieve this at home by applying a good heat defense product all over the hair, then section out hair and create a downward tension using a round brush as you blow dry.

3. Tons of Sexy Volume. Start with a sulfate-free volumizing shampoo, and then add a lightweight treatment to ends before blow drying. Finish off the look with the right styling products to add lift and really pump up the volume in your hair.

4. Gorgeous Texture. It’s all about texture, and the more natural texture you have, the more attention grabbing your look will be. Apply a texturizing spray to dry hair and either scrunch or tousle hair to achieve the look you want.

5. Beautiful Bouncy Curls! A set of well coiled curls is always an object of many people’s desires. The key is to use the right conditioner and styling products to amp up moisture while keeping those curls springy and frizz-free.

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