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Love is in the (h)air!

March 4, 2014

Holidays and special occasions are the perfect time to try something new and add some passion back into your style. Inspiration for romantic hair looks can be found in many places for me personally as an Artist. With the old Hollywood glam trend that we are seeing on red the carpet, celebrities have been a major inspiration to me this season.

To inspire your lust for a new look this holiday, here are a few celebrity styles that have just enough touch of romance and a whole lot of Hollywood Glam!

Although pop princess Taylor Swift is now sporting, as she put it, “short hair, don’t care” these days, this simple romantic up-do is a great go-to look that declares casual, romantic and red carpet ready. To achieve a similar look a simple large barreled curling iron is used to spiral wrap the hair into a curl, and then pinned loosely around the ponytail base. You can make this look very loose and casual or polished and elegant, which is why this is a quick, easy and a great crossover look.

Actress Rachel McAdam’s look is a similar concept to Taylor Swift’s, but with a little added texture using simple braids. To achieve a similar concept, I recommend braiding two rows of French braids horizontally around the head. Curl the remaining hair with a curling iron vertically and then place it in a high ponytail. Again, you can pin loosely to keep it casual or smooth your hair back for a polished red carpet look. I love the pieces that were left out that added softness to this trendy style.

Emmy Rossum, actress from the hit show “Shameless”, is wearing one of the trendiest looks on the scene right now. This definitely has a classic feel and can be worn casual as well as red carpet. To achieve more of a red carpet feel with this style, I would opt for a smaller sized curling iron to give the waves more definition. The top section is curled in the opposite direction of the part, and everything is set straight back going under. When going for this look, it’s important to make sections and the curl size consistent to achieve beautiful harmonious waves. Once thoroughly brushed, pin one side side back and you’re good to go!

Sabina Kelley fashion model and reality star of the show “Best Ink” is one who rates a 10 on my versatility scale. This is one of my favorite looks that she often wears and is a very modern take on the classic Hollywood glam. The classic kick in front with controlled spiral curls is very reminiscent of beauty icon Marilyn Monroe’s hair. For this look, the top is achieved by teasing the base of each section just a bit for support before curling to the side with a large curling iron. For the remaining hair, large sections are spiraled around a medium curling iron for added definition. Brush through with a large vent brush to break up curl and then use hands and a little product to control and place. Pull the hair to one side and pin behind the ear and voila!! A classic old school look with a modern feel is complete.

Rafe Hardy
Artistic Creative Director Sexy Hair

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