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Everyday Hairspray tips, not for your hair! Pt. 1

March 19, 2014

Who knew hairspray could have so many uses other than just keeping your BIG hair better?! We were on the hunt for some hairspray tips, and dug up some pretty unique ways that you can use hairspray everyday other than on your hair.

Check these out, and give them a try at home:

1. Protect children’s artwork (from Reader’s Digest)
Picture this: Your preschooler has just returned home with a priceless work of art demanding that it find a place on the refrigerator door. Before you stick it up, preserve the creation with hairspray, to help it last longer. This works especially well on chalk pictures, keeping them from being smudged so easily.

2. Keep recipe cards splatter-free (from Reader’s Digest)
Don’t let the spaghetti sauce on the stove splatter on your favorite recipe card. A good coating of hair spray will prevent the card from being ruined by kitchen eruptions. With the protection, they wipe off easily.

3. Keep drapes dirt-free (from Reader’s Digest)
Did you just buy new drapes or have your old ones cleaned? Want to keep that like-new look for a while? The trick is to apply several coats of hairspray, letting each coat dry thoroughly before the next one.

4. Extend the life of cut flowers (from Reader’s Digest)
A bouquet of cut flowers is such a beautiful thing, you want to do whatever you can to postpone wilting. Just as it preserves your hairstyle, a spritz of hairspray can preserve your cut flowers. Stand a foot away from the bouquet and give them a quick spray, just on the undersides of the leaves and petals.

5. Exterminate houseflies (from Reader’s Digest)
An annoying, buzzing housefly has been bobbing and weaving around your house for two days. Make it bite the dust with a squirt of hair spray. Take aim and fire. Watch the fly drop. But make sure the hairspray is water-soluble so that, if any spray hits the walls, you’ll be able to wipe it clean. Works on wasps and bees too.

6. Preserve a Christmas wreath (from Reader’s Digest)
When you buy a wreath at your local Christmas tree lot, it’s fresh, green, and lush. By the time a week has gone by, it’s starting to shed needles and look a little dry. To make the wreath last longer, grab your can of hairspray and spritz it all over as soon as you get the fresh wreath home. The hair spray traps the moisture in the needles.

7. Ladder and Tangle Prevention for Stockings
Apply hairspray on your stockings, which will stiffen the undergarment’s strands. When the hairstyle solution settles, your stockings will have a hairspray-based covering that will make your stockings ladder and tangle resistant.

8. Glue remover
To remove the sticky residue left behind by labels or your wee one's redecorating project, spray liberally and wipe. If that doesn't work use an acetone-based nail polish remover.

9. Means of Self Defense
Hairspray doesn’t only preserve hairstyles, but it can also stop muggers dead in their tracks. When a mugger makes their move, get your can of travel-sized hairspray and spray a generous amount of hairstyling solution on their face. It will sting eyes and irritate sinuses giving you time to flee. Obviously, we don’t suggest you try this on anyone unless it’s a life or death situation

10. Stop the glitter mad-mess
Are you finding glitter in all the strangest places after they play dress up. Use hairspray on shoes and accessories with glitter to keep it in place and off your floors.

11. Screw it
Tightly secure screws on household items such as door hinges, toy boxes, etc. After you have twisted the screw in as tightly as you can, coat it with a little hairspray. When the hairspray dries it will create a polymer seal and help keep them from loosening during every day use.

12. Enhancement for Advertised Food
Did you know restaurateurs use hairspray to enhance the appearance of dishes to be advertised? The styling solution will make the food look striking and more appealing, which can easily influence the appetites of onlookers. Just don’t make the mistake of taking a bite from those hardened dishes.

13. Newspaper Enhancement
Turn newspaper into elegant wrapping paper by spraying it with hairspray. Just like hair, the newsprint will harden and look more vibrant. It will bring a nice classic touch to your wrapped presents.

14. Drape Straightener
Drapes are prone to having unflattering folds and creases, especially if they are close to large furniture. To straighten them, coat the folded portions with hairspray, which will gradually stiffen. Press and rub on those areas immediately, before the solution dries. When the curtain has been straightened, the coats of hairspray will keep totally upright, lowering the chance of permanent folds to develop.

15. Home improvements
When using chalk lines and want them to stick, you can spray the line with hair spray to prevent it from rubbing off quickly. Not to be worried with it sticking for good, it’s really easy to clean off with soap and water.

16. Makeshift Flamethrower
Hairspray is flammable, which means you can use it as an unconventional weapon for self-defense purposes, ecspecially for women. Position a lit lighter in front of the spray then press the applicator. What used to be a liquid for maintaining hairstyles becomes a blazing barrage of flames. Never point your makeshift flamethrower at people because they may get seriously hurt.

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