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New Year, New Cut! Find the Best Style for your Face Shape

January 13, 2014

January for many of us is a time of change, out with the old and in with the new! If change is something you’re looking for, what better way to ring in the new year than with a new haircut!?
As an artist, when helping someone choose a new haircut there are several things that I take into consideration. The three things that I find most important are face shape, lifestyle and styling capabilities. Most importantly though is face shape, which I will focus on in this blog. Understanding one’s bone structure of the face is the ultimate way to choose a perfect cut. Below I have listed the nine different facial shapes that most people fall within and the best haircuts for each.

Oval/Oblong statistically the oval/oblong shaped face is the most forgiving when it comes to hairstyles. This facial shape will accommodate a variety of different hairstyles and lengths. To determine an oval shape, the length from the top of the forehead to the tip of the chin should be 1.5 the width. Since a variety of styles can be worn if you have this shape of face, I encourage you to have fun and experiment many different styles.

Round This face shape is a bit fuller than the oval with a more rounded chin and hairline, with the length and width the same. The widest point of this shape is at the cheeks, which makes hairstyles look best when height is added on top and the sides are kept closer fitting to the head shape. A side part can help keep things from looking very symmetrical. By adding this height on top a longer and narrower appearance will be given.

Square This facial shape has a strong square jaw-line and a rather square forehead/hairline that is equal in length and width. Styles that aren’t flattering for this face shape are long straight styles and straight hard bangs. Both will accentuate the harder lines of the jaw. An asymmetrical softer approach would benefit much better for this shape. Haircuts that have a bit of softness on the sides such as texture, curls or waves will look great. Again, height on the top will add a little length to the square shape.

Rectangle This is simply a longer square. The same principals as the square apply here with the exception of height at the top. Add some width to the sides along with the texture, curls or wave to break up the hard lines.

Triangle A triangular shaped face is wider at the jaw line and narrows at the cheeks and temples with a narrow forehead. Short hairstyles that are full at the cheek and temple area will fall softer and narrower on the jaw and are great for this shape. A more volumous cut above the ears will add width and balance out the narrower forehead. A side part with layers and a softer fringe will also gentleness to the forehead. You will want to avoid flat, longer designs that lie close to the head on top and get fuller towards the bottom; this is the same shape as the face.

Heart/Inverted Triangle This shape has a wider forehead, eye and cheek area that narrows down to a pointier smaller chin. Since the chin narrows, a style that adds width to this area is very complimentary. A chin length bob or a softer style worn towards the face with fullness at the jaw would work well for this head shape. Keep the height limited in the top and crown as to not accentuate the narrower chin. Styles that are slicked back, top heavy with no hair showing from the front are not complimentary looks.

Diamond This shape is wider at the cheeks and symmetrical at the forehead and jaw, similar to an oval with a wider cheek area. The styles that work best for this shape are similar to the oval. In this case, since the cheeks are dominant, accent them whenever you can.

With these basic guidelines, I encourage you to have some fun in the New Year and consider changing your hairstyle with a new haircut. I will follow-up with the next steps on how to find the best haircut for your lifestyle and style capabilities in a later blog. In the meantime, search hairstyles that are right for your face shape and show them to your stylist to help kick off the new year with your new look!

Happy New Year!
Rafe Hardy
Artistic Director Sexyhair

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