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Vintage Pin Curls How-To

December 5, 2013

Sexy Hair Artist, Amanda Fator gives us steps on how to create this simple vintage pin curl look using a 1" curling iron and Sexy Hair products.

Step 1: Apply Style Sexy Hair 450 Headset to hair.

Step 2. Curl hair with 1" iron in horizontal rows making sure to curl each row in the same direction, alternating the direction in the following row. Repeat until hair is completely curled.

Step 3. Pin to cool.

Step 4. Curl the front in small sections keeping each curl’s direction the same. Pin to cool.

Step 5. Lightly mist some Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable and allow curls to cool.

Step 6. Brush out the set of curls with a natural bristle brush, allowing the bristles to expand and soften the hair. In the front brush the curls out in the opposite direction, working it into a wave formation.

Step 7. Finish with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Hairspray for bouncy, voluminous hold

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