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Is it necessary to change shampoos often?

December 4, 2013

We asked Sexy Hair Artist, Nicole Debravski her thoughts on how often she recommends her clients to change shampoos. Here is what she said…

Behind the chair, I'm often asked about how often one should change their shampoo. I find that professional shampoos appropriate for my client’s hair type and styling routine do not need to change. In my opinion professional shampoos should not build up on the hair.

Shampoo only needs to be changed when the hair type changes. For example, a client who has received a new highlight service may need to change shampoos to care for their newly lightened locks. Another client who relocates to an area with a different water supply, eg. well water, may need a shampoo that clarifies the mineral build-up on the hair. If a client remains in the same hair type, they should use a shampoo that fits the needs of that type. Personal preference, such as fragrance, is simply that, personal.

- Nicole, Sexy Hair Artist

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