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Longer Lasting Vibrant Color

November 14, 2013

We asked Sexy Hair Artist, Nicole Dubravski what she recommends to her clients to keep their hair color more vibrant and longer lasting. Here is what she said…

To keep color vibrant and longer lasting, I suggest keeping hair moisturized. One tip I tell my clients is, use a satin pillowcase. Satin provides less friction than it's cotton or flannel counterparts leaving the hair cuticle intact all night. This results in hair with more shine and vibrancy. Or you can use a synthetic pillowcase which allows the natural oils to remain in the hair, keeping it moisturized.

A sulfate free shampoo and conditioner regimen will prevent color washout during cleansing. Some shampoos not only dry the hair out, but also strip color pigment.

Lastly, I recommend heat protection. Most clients who color treat use at least one heated tool on their hair after cleansing. Before I dry my hair, or a client's, I will use a light oil, evenly distributed, to provide heat protection and slip. An oil will also cut down on friction created by brushes. Taking the time to dry hair from roots to ends and keeping the cuticle layer flat, will result in more shine and vibrancy. Proper products should be discussed if the client curls or straightens hair, to continue protecting it from scorching, moisture loss, and cuticle damage.

- Nicole, Sexy Hair Artist

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