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Christina Aguilera’s Marilyn Monroe Inspired Look

November 26, 2013

I call Christina my modern day Marilyn Monroe as she has all the curves, beauty and gorgeous blondeness that the actress possessed. In tribute to both, I wanted to create my interpretation of the actresses’ iconic look by merging the past with the present. Thank you Xtina for being the perfect Marilyn!

To get the look: I first applied Big Sexy Hair Big Boost (available in salons & stores in January). This amplifying, texturizing and defining crème helps create and re-create touchable, flexible styles with voluminous results. Plus, it is the perfect foundation for my “Marilyn Monroe” inspired look. After blow drying with a medium round brush to form lift at the base, I used a 1 “curling iron creating loops by wrapping the sections around the inside of the barrel leaving the ends free. After each loop was created, I wrapped it again but around my 2 fingers then securing with a clip allowing these spiral curls to cool. When finished, I removed all the clips and gently starting combing through the curls with my hands and then changing to a brush lightly smoothing over the top layer. To pump up the volume I applied Big Sexy Hair Powder Play for instant lift. Trust me it is the fastest and easiest way to get big sexy hair in a few seconds! To finish, I sprayed Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play a fast drying hair spray that leaves hair manageable and super shiny.

- David Babaii, Celebrity Hairstylist

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