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Halloween Horror Stories

October 22, 2013

The excitement of Halloween and all of its spookiness is upon us. It’s one of my favorite holidays mainly because it’s an opportunity to be whoever or whatever you want; and it’s usually totally acceptable! I enjoyed the times when I use to collaborate different ideas with my clients to help them to create a fun look for a party, and sometimes even book appointments for them to allow me to do their hair and makeup. I thought it would be fitting to share with you a “horror” moment of my career to perhaps remind us all that we are human, both stylists and clients alike. This experience truly taught me a valuable lesson about paying attention to detail.

This “horror” story involves a long time client we will call Mary. I attempted a technique on her I had recently shared with her and had it end up an “epic fail.” This happened years ago, before Cool buttons were prevalent on blow dryers. Back then, I would use the back of the blow dryer to immediately cool off the hair while wrapped around a round brush for a stronger set. I was sharing this technique with Mary explaining to her the benefits of smoothing and cooling as I have many times before for numerous other clients.

The next morning as I was finishing up a client, in walks Mary with a rather large towel wrapped around her head. Without hesitation, she walked up to me upset and asked if we could walk to the back and have a chat. Of course I obliged, and as soon as we were out of sight she unwrapped the towel to reveal a blow dryer, cord and all attached to the top of her head.

Before I could even control it, I laughed at this outrageous sight. She however remained calm and explained that she had done exactly what I had shared with her the day before but her blow dryer must have not been designed to do this. It was then I realized I had not told her to ensure the screen was on the back of the dryer to prevent this from happening!

I quickly whipped out the small tool kit I had in the salon and began taking the blow dryer apart as this was the only way to remove it without cutting the hair that was caught in the dryer to the scalp. Well, 45 minutes later and minimal damage to the sucked up section, we laughed about it all and she went and purchased a dryer with a screen. Lesson learned: pay attention to the details!

Now, I hope that you never have your own “horror” hair story of your own to tell. Chances are though, if you are a stylist long enough you will. I thought it would be interesting to share some other stories with you so, I asked one of our very own Artists to share her “horror” story, here you go…

Rafe Hardy
Artistic Director Sexyhair

In hair school, there was a student in the class right before me who ended her career before she even graduated.

While performing a haircut she sliced the entire top of a client's ear off, ouch! The client was cool as a cucumber and happened to be a nurse. She decided she would go to the hospital to have her ear fixed; the only problem was the ear was missing!

After many people in the school joined in on a huge “ear hunt”, we happened to find it on the bottom of someone’s shoe.

The client was definitely a trooper though. She took her ear, went to the hospital and then came back to have her haircut, by another student of course! The unfortunate student who did the slicing dropped out of school the next day.

- Sexy Hair® Artist Melanie Knapp

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