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Fishtail Braid with a Colorful Twist

October 1, 2013

We asked Sexy Hair Artist Amanda Fator from Redding California, how to achieve Bella Thorne's beautiful look using our new Fun Sexy Hair Sexy Highlights.

Here's what she said:

Step 1: To give hair volume, texture and grip begin by spraying dry hair with Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo at root area.

Step 2: Next, give hair a quick blast of Style Sexy Hair Play Dirty wax through the midshaft and ends to give hair some control and shine.

Step 3: Gather and direct hair to the desired side. Then divide hair vertically into 2 separate sections.

Step 4: Take a small strand from the bottom/underneath of the left section, direct this hair OVER and ACROSS its own section, direct and gather strand to the section on the right. Next, grab a small strand from the bottom/underneath of the right section, direct this strand over and across its own section, direct and gather this strand to the section on the left.

Step 5: To add a pop of color and interest, spray every 3rd and 4th strand with Fun Sexy Hair Sexy Highlights in the color of your choice. I like to start with blue at the root-midshaft, pink over the blue on the midshaft, then finish the ends with just pink. This gives hair a really fun blue, purple to pink ombre effect.

Step 6: Repeat until desired amount of fun color is achieved.

Step 7:To secure the hair while you are applying the fun colors, take a long, flat, toothless clip and secure the braided portions in the flat clip before releasing from your hands. This will help keep you from losing your place.

Step 8: Repeat Step 4 until you reach the ends. Tie ends with an elastic or decorative accessory.

*Quick Tip*
To achieve the exact look in the picture, cut 1/2" thick strands of fabric, attach into the base of the braid with a bobby pin (backcomb a small amount inside the section before attaching the pin for added hold). Use these fabric strands randomly instead of hair strands as in Step 4. This will add a new texture and pop of color with minimal commitment.

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