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Old Hollywood Glam Curls by YouTube Vlogger @LetsMakeItUp1 Using Sexy Hair®

August 7, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of attending the press event in which Sexy Hair announced their new leading lady! As I walked into the ballroom of The Plaza hotel, I was serenaded by the sounds of 1950s Big Band and was instantly transported back in time. Around me, Sexy Hair stylists were creating updos reminiscent of the Old Hollywood Era as makeup artists dressed up end-of-the-day makeup with luscious red lips and false eyelashes. All of it led up to the evening’s big announcement: who their new celebrity face would be. True to the old Hollywood glamor of the event, and the brand's image as the sexiest hair brand, they chose the sexiest woman of all time: Marilyn Monroe!

I am honestly so excited about this campaign! Hair trends are moving from messy and bohemian toward perfectly imperfect styles, full of shine and healthiness, completely reminiscent of the glamor of old Hollywood. The company’s new campaign completely embraces this new trend in hair, as it reminds us that Sexy Hair can be achieved in any era with any trend.

At the event, I heard someone mention that, "everyone has a little Marilyn in them." I think that's true, we can all take some inspiration from her. Even now, over 50 years later, she's an icon that inspires us! Whether it's her her mystery, fun, elegance, willingness to bend the rules, or her timeless style, there's a little bit of Marilyn that can appeal to anyone. It's the same thing that I love about Sexy Hair. They started with their Big Sexy Hair line to help us achieve long lasting voluminous styles, but they've grown their lines to give people whatever look they want. From Curly to Straight, Big to Healthy, and Short to Silky Sexy Hair has a little something for everyone!

Finally, I'll leave you all with what I do best: a hair tutorial. This is the inspiration that I took from Marilyn and the Sexy Hair products I used to create it.

Step 1: Curl rectangular sections of the hair upward. Once you remove the curling iron, hold the hair in its curled shape and pin it up to cool. Pinning it to cool makes the curl stronger and bouncier!
*Hint* For added hold: Spray Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play onto hair before curling.

Step 2: Curl the next layer of hair downward. Pin the hair in place to cool. Repeat through the rest of the hair, curling one layer upward and the next layer downward.

Step 3: Once you have repeated that through all of the hair, let the hair cool. Once it is cool, remove the pins.

Step 4: Once you remove the pins, you will have a lot of Shirley Temple-esque ringlets (she's not exactly the retro star we're trying to emulate!), so use a brush (preferably boar bristle) or your fingers to brush through and break up the curls.

Step 5: Finesse your style with some great product! I used:
Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play: For touchable curls that will last all night!
Big Sexy Hair Powder Play: A great volumizing powder to give my fine hair the lasting lift it needs!
Big Sexy Hair Big Shine Spray: For totally non-greasy, hair commercial worthy shine!
Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay: (New product alert!!): Just on the ends to give that totally non-drying, non-sticky slept in texture (I was going for perfectly imperfect after all!). See Video

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